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Wrinkless Cream Review

No Photo Available According to WrinklessCream.com, Wrinkless Cream is used by Hollywood stars who don’t want plastic surgery.

The website also claims you can look younger in five seconds. Furthermore, Wrinkless Cream is said to reduce 72.4% of wrinkles, age lines, and age spots.

Claims like these may seem extraordinary, but they make me wonder whether Wrinkless Cream is a truly effective anti-aging cream.

A Closer Look at Wrinkless Cream Claims

According to the company, the cream reduces facial wrinkles within two weeks. Also, it supposedly reduces wrinkles on your hands much faster than on your face, purportedly because the skin is thinner there.

However, this claim is hard to believe.

Experts agree the skin under the eye and around the eyelids is the thinnest. Consequently, Wrinkless Cream should work as quickly on your face as it does on your hands. [1]

Although this false claim doesn’t remove the possibility that Wrinkless Cream reduces skin aging, it makes the company seem untrustworthy.

Who Makes Wrinkless Cream?

Wrinkless Cream is manufactured by Ojas Enterprises, LLC, an internet cosmetic company.

Unfortunately, this company has an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau. Ojas Enterprises received 33 complaints in nearly every category. Most complaints involved billing/collection issues, advertising/sales issues, and problems with product/service.

At least one customer complained about the company on RipoffReport.com. This definitely makes me wary about the company’s reliability.

Wrinkless Cream Ingredients

Wrinkless Cream contains over a dozen natural ingredients. Let’s look at a few:

Winter Cherry Extract. Also known as ashwagandha, winter cherry extract contains alkaloids and antioxidants with anti-inflammatory effects. Thus, it reduces swelling and protects against stress. [2] In one study, it prevented or delayed the development of skin cancer in mice. [3]

Carrot Seed Oil. Carrot seed oil fights off bacteria and fungi in skin cells. [4] However, there is no evidence this eliminates skin aging.

Aloe Vera. By stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis, aloe vera may reverse degenerative skin changes caused by aging. One article points out that while many so-called anti-aging ingredients carry only moisturizing effects, aloe vera does in fact restore the regenerative/degenerative balance. [5]

Saffron. Saffron is commonly used as an aphrodisiac and as a treatment for various medical conditions. [6] However, there is no evidence it prevents skin aging.

Pearl. Wrinkless Cream manufacturers claims that pearl adds a “mystical, luminous quality” to the skin while retaining moisture. However, there is no scientific evidence this is true.

While some ingredients positively affect skin, others carry no such promises. These ingredients may protect and heal skin, but there is little evidence they have a dramatic effect on wrinkles and skin aging.

Ordering Wrinkless Cream

Wrinkless Cream comes with a risk-free trial. But, there is no clear information on how to obtain or cancel this free trial.

One user on RipoffReport.com ordered the free product, and was charged 15 days after purchase, although it took over a week to ship. Furthermore, the user was unable to reach the company by phone or email and did not obtain a refund.

I wouldn’t order Wrinkless Cream expecting to get a free trial. But if you are set on buying Wrinkless Cream, it costs $45.95 a month and can be purchased only at WrinklessCream.com.

By ordering, you presumably commit yourself to a monthly auto-shipment program. If you want to try Wrinkless Cream without committing yourself to long-term use, make sure you cancel as soon as possible to avoid excess fees. Unfortunately, canceling may prove difficult.

Wrinkless Cream: The Bottom Line

Wrinkless Cream contains natural ingredients, but there isn’t enough evidence it reduces skin aging. Additionally, the company appears untrustworthy and difficult to work with. For these reasons, I strongly suggest you avoid purchasing Wrinkless Cream.


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