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Best Wrinkle Cream Ingredients

best wrinkle cream ingredients

Many products like to pull the old “fountain of youth” scheme by claiming that only their formula contains “the best wrinkle cream ingredients,” playing off our need to look younger than we really are and dipping into our savings with their state-of-the-art technologically advanced hydro-something or other.

While they may sound official, these “botox in a bottle” solutions are little more than expensive moisturizers, oh, and those wrinkle reducing results? Temporary.

So how can you know the best product for the best price when you see it on the shelf? We’ve asked the experts to give us the ins and outs of the best wrinkle fighting formulas, and here’s the inside scoop on which ingredients are a definite must when it comes to smoothing those fine lines and hiding those crows’ feet.

Best Wrinkle Cream Ingredients

Argireline: Argireline is quickly rising in popularity due to its ability to penetrate past the skin’s defensive barriers and target wrinkles at their source: the tiny facial muscles around the eyes. Argireline relaxes these muscles and smoothes sagging skin naturally.
Need a little extra proof? The International Journal of Cosmetic Science stated that the hexapeptide-3 (also known as airgireline) can significantly reduce wrinkle depth up to 30% when using a 10% concentration for approximately 30 days.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids: When we hear the word acid, we automatically think green flashy chemicals that burn through the floor. However, Alpha Hydroxy Acids are completely safe and are the most effective exfoliating ingredients available. Often shortened to AHA’s, Alpha Hdyroxy Acids can remove the upper layer of dead and damaged skin, revealing the smooth, evenly pigmented skin underneath.

Hyaluronic Acid: Healthy skin cells are moist skin cells. Your skin is composed primarily of water, and when these cells are properly hydrated, they are more resistant to damage and disease. Luckily for you, Hyaluronic Acid is a hydrophilic ingredient (loves water) that can attract moisture from the air to keep skin hydrated and beautiful

CoQ10: Environmental toxins do a doozy on your skin, causing additional wear and tear while increasing oxidative stress on skin cells. To strip these harmful toxins from your body, CoQ10 acts as a powerful antioxidant, lengthening the life of your skin cells while protecting the skin against future damage.

Retinol: This form of Vitamin A is one of the most widely used ingredients in wrinkle creams due to its ability to act as a barrier against abrasion and damage. As a topical treatment, retinol can block harmful UV rays from the sun while eliminating toxins that may be able to cause acne breakouts. With Retiol, your skin has the basic building blocks it needs to stay healthy and young.

Final Words

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for when it comes to finding the best wrinkle cream ingredients, isn’t it about time you found a wrinkle cream that actually gets the job done?

You can check out our product reviews here and see for yourself which wrinkle cream has it all – and which ones you should skip completely.

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