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Refissa Review


Refissa claims that you will finally be able to get all the greater results you want.

They claim it will address sun damage, address smoking damage, rebuild collagen and elastin levels, and over time reduce wrinkles in general. This product is often sold as a prescription, and it tends to cost around $88.00 using a 0.5 percent concentration of tretinoin.

However, prescription-strength wrinkle creams are not rare. The top-rated product Prototype #37-C is so strong that it retails in drug stores and pharmacies, as well as being available online as an over-the-counter wrinkle treatment.

With such competition, what does Refissa have to offer?

What Ingredients are in Refissa?

Refissa ingredients include 0.5% tretinoin, that’s all they reveal.

What Else Should I Know about Refissa?

Tretinoin is actually an acne fighting ingredient. It has been connected to multiple side effects such as ironically hyperpigmentation, skin damage, sun sensitivity, etc, all the things they claim to actually fight in the end.

This being said, Refissa is more likely to cause more wrinkles. Early studies have shown that it might actually reduce fine lines. However, they have not really been legitimately replicated, and in general terms, it doesn’t work the way it’s advertised.

By contrast, Prototype #37-C does all that it promises with a bargain of a price when you think about all that it has to offer. We recommend you look into products like these if you’re looking for prescription strength wrinkle prevention.

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Refissa User Reviews

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    I am 46 yrs. old and I am using refissa. I really like what I’ve seen and I am constantly being mistaken for someone much younger which I think is the whole point.

    theodora clark
    July 25, 2011 at 1:59 am

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