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City Views: Rapid Repair Eye Cream Review

cityviews-160 City Views is a new eye cream advertised to facilitate rapid repair to skin around the eyes, making you appear younger.

In addition to popular skincare ingredients such as argireline and retinyl, City View provides the following ingredients to enhance skin appearance and promote collagen production.

Safflower contains conjugated linoleic acid, proven to improve skin health by thickening subcutaneous tissues and changing fatty acid compositions.[1]

This results in thicker skin, greater elasticity, and fewer wrinkles.

Panthenol is a vitamin B5 form clinically shown to improve skin health and appearance within 30 days.[2][3]

Which Skin Types is City Views Suitable For?

It appears that City Views works with every skin type, especially with older skin that suffers from photodamage around the eyes.

Are There Negative Side Effects?

I couldn’t find any reports of side effects. However avoid using this product if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients.

Also, if you have sensitive skin, consult a healthcare professional before trying City Views.

Is City Views Effective?

User reviews are always very helpful when figuring out whether a skincare product is effective. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any unbiased user reviews on this product.

How Do You Use It?

First, cleanse and dampen the skin around your eyes. Then dab a small amount of City Views on your orbital bone around your eyes. Wipe any residue off.

City Views is intended to be used twice daily.

How Much Does City Views Cost?

The product is currently an exclusive on City Cosmetics where one bottle will cost you approximately $67.

Should You Get It?

City Views appears to be an average-to-good eye cream. Since it is so new, there just isn’t much to go on here.

While I like some of the ingredients, the company does not provide dosage information for each ingredient. This makes determining the effectiveness of the total product difficult.

I would suggest waiting for some unbiased user reviews to post and then use those to decide whether City Views can satisfy your skin and eye


[1] Oikawa, Daichi, et al. “Modification of skin composition by conjugated linoleic acid alone or with combination of other fatty acids in mice.” British Journal of Nutrition, 94.2 (2005): 275. Modification of skin composition by conjugated linoleic acid

[2] Environmental Working Group. “Panthenol.” Accessed 5.15.2013. http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ingredient/704436/PANTHENOL/#

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